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Thursday, July 6, 2017

The River Of Life

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The last two generations that experienced the 
full set of the Harvey Traditions and was taught 
by the last Matriarch of the Harvey's, Desi Harvey. 

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Linda, Leona, Desi

Why is family tradition important?

It provides a source of identity. It is where you are from, your culture, your reasoning of who you and why. It's your source of your attitudes toward yourself and others.
It's your story ...

Sadly Sara, our family traditions have taken flight and insanity has set in. It’s a perfect example of when “Opinion rules, chaos follows”.

When just a few individuals inside a family becomes the only "priority", then the destruction of what is best for everyone begins. Let them go. Rise above their pettiness and their low expectations of you because you are much better than that. All of you are.

To All of my nieces, nephews and to my granddaughters - life is so much better outside the box. There is a world without the chaos that we have created for you. A place where peace reigns without the clutter, where the loud pounding noise of opinions disappear and fade off into the distance.

Walk away and leave the madness behind.

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Get back to the family traditions of old, where your destiny is not dictated to you and where what is best for all is the only rule that stands. Visit one another, pull together and let your children play among you. Love one another.

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Where the laughter in life flows is where the love flows.
It’s the River of Life.

Micky Gramlin

Friday, March 31, 2017

Modern Hybrids or heirloom?

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I am in no way an authority on gardening or planting, but my Mother has put out a garden every year for as long as I can remember. But this year, due to a scheduled open heart surgery in the next few days there will be no garden this year. I was telling her that I wanted to plant some tomatoes at least.

She explained to me that there are two types of main seeds to choose from as you buy for your garden. Modern Hybrids or Heirloom. The hybrids are like what you get at the grocery store, whereas the heirloom vegetables are the old-time variety. They are open-pollinated, which means you can save your own seed to replant from year to year and hand down the seeds through multiple generations of families. I found that interesting so I decided to do a little research on it.

Exceptional taste is the No. 1 reason why people choose heirloom seeds
I found that with hybrids, taste and nutrition have been sacrificed. Research has shown, hybrid vegetables and grains are substantially less nutritious. With commercial growers,


More Information

Difference Between Hybrid and Heirloom Vegetables - The Spruce

Master Gardener: FAQs about GMOs, hybrids and heirlooms

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

"Sway With Me"

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I am having a hard time concentrating on my work at hand today. I know
that it is only March 5th, but those summertime breezes are steadily
beckoning to me. The memories from summers past begin to taunt me
each time I turn back to work.

Trying hard to concentrate on the task at hand, I sense that I will not win ...“I can hear the sounds of violins long before it begins”. I find myself on the water and watch the seagulls take flight. Slowly, I begin to drift towards the song, “Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore”.

“When marimba rhythms start to play
Dance with me, make me sway
Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore
Hold me close, sway me more”

For just a moment, I stop on the water's edge to feel the tide settle in and a breeze roll across my face. The sun has begun its slow descent into the next starry night. The evening temp hovering near perfect. The song continues to play …

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Give Me Liberty or Give Me The Month Of March!

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Who needs it?
New Year’s Resolutions?
Ah, let them all melt with the snow.
Even a better idea?
Build a snowman and plop those
right on the snowman as the buttons that all
snowmen seem to have.

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What about those buttons anyway?
Surely, there are stats somewhere
that can give us the necessary information
to help us determine
how many buttons
a real serious snowman should have.
Don’t you think?
But since I am at 144 words already,
maybe another time for those stats.
We can move on to the real story here.

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How long has it been since you have put your kite into the air?
Don’t rush.
Take some time with your answer.
It is of major importance here!
Because it can only happen one month out of the year!
Yes … sure it takes some work to catch the wind just right. If you are anything like me, then you may have to run the length ...

"I am the voice, I will remain"

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Reading IBO Associate, Bev Austin’s Press Release, “Music Threatened Her Life”, inspired me to write my story. It’s not as dramatic, but the fact that I love music and without modern technology, I would not be able to listen to music.

The story took me back to a time in my life where I had inner struggles of accepting my loss and the changes in my life because of it.

Not only do I enjoy listening to music, although not a professional, I also play the rhythm guitar, bass guitar, percussions and the harmonica. I have never had a music lesson in my life nor can I read music. Everything I play is by ear or sometimes by watching. At the time of my loss I was a member of a weekend band.

During my twenties, I started to occasionally experience what I thought was something like swimmers ear but without the swimming. Usually in one ear, it would be like I was in a vacuum and all sound was way off in the distance. Eventually it would go away and I would forget about it.

In my thirties, it started happening more than occasionally and both ears were experiencing the problem. In my forties it had progressed to most of the time. Then one day on the job ...

Successful Front Porch Campaigns

James Garfield’s stay-at-home strategy kept him at Lawnfield throughout the campaign.
Source History Net

Most of us are familiar with the use of trains and the whistle stops of former presidential campaigns that occurred in the 1800’s,  But the same era was also the heyday of Front Porch campaigns that led to three successful presidential campaigns, James Garfield in 1880, Benjamin Harrison in 1888 and William McKinley in 1896.  

In June of 2008, U.S. Senator, Jeff Sessions, used the Front Porch campaign strategy in his bid for re-election in the Alabama’s Republican Party and received 92 percent of the vote.
In the summer of 1880, the Republican Party was facing a tightly contested presidential election. With the embarrassment of Grant’s tenure as president and the current state of the bad economy associated with Hayes, James Garfield would need to present himself to the people as a different politician to win the Oval Office.

Declaring a new political approach, the Republican Party decided to use ...


For More Information

James A Garfield


Benjamin Harrison


William McKinley


First Lady Lesson Plan: The Front Porch Campaign

As The Storm Clouds Gather: A Personal Story Part 8 The Final Entry

Rockfield, Indiana
Carroll County
May 16,1968

The Final Entry

“The noise got louder and was drowning out what the man was yelling at us.  I thought I heard him say not to cross the street. “Mom he is telling us not to cross the street!” Yes, that is what he is saying, but why? The answer came.”  

“A wall of water about 5 feet in height rolled down the street in front of us. It was a flash flood.  Totally disgusted, I slammed my fist into my other hand.”

I don’t know what the others were feeling. As I stood watching the madness of what was occurring unfold before us, I thought to myself, “I cannot go on.”  The lantern of what appeared to be our only safe haven was swaying just on the other side and now impossible to reach.

There was no other place to go.  We were out in the open and it was still so dark you could barely see if anyone was standing beside you. The whole town seemed to have disappeared. It was almost as if we were in a fog that had turned black.

We were wet, exhausted and on the verge of shock. And then I thought about what might happen to us if Mom went into shock. No, I decided I did not want to think about that. I knew the storm clouds were gathering again and we had to do something
I looked at the water and realized that if we had been any closer we would have been carried away or if we had made it across we would have been as well. The one blessing of the night I realized is that we were standing on higher ground and when a flash of lightning occurred, it looked like a small lake between us and the swaying lantern.

Mom quietly said, “We have to cross” No one said a word.  She knew our silence meant she was facing an argument ahead. None of us could swim ...