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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Successful Front Porch Campaigns

James Garfield’s stay-at-home strategy kept him at Lawnfield throughout the campaign.
Source History Net

Most of us are familiar with the use of trains and the whistle stops of former presidential campaigns that occurred in the 1800’s,  But the same era was also the heyday of Front Porch campaigns that led to three successful presidential campaigns, James Garfield in 1880, Benjamin Harrison in 1888 and William McKinley in 1896.  

In June of 2008, U.S. Senator, Jeff Sessions, used the Front Porch campaign strategy in his bid for re-election in the Alabama’s Republican Party and received 92 percent of the vote.
In the summer of 1880, the Republican Party was facing a tightly contested presidential election. With the embarrassment of Grant’s tenure as president and the current state of the bad economy associated with Hayes, James Garfield would need to present himself to the people as a different politician to win the Oval Office.

Declaring a new political approach, the Republican Party decided to use ...


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