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Friday, March 31, 2017

Modern Hybrids or heirloom?

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I am in no way an authority on gardening or planting, but my Mother has put out a garden every year for as long as I can remember. But this year, due to a scheduled open heart surgery in the next few days there will be no garden this year. I was telling her that I wanted to plant some tomatoes at least.

She explained to me that there are two types of main seeds to choose from as you buy for your garden. Modern Hybrids or Heirloom. The hybrids are like what you get at the grocery store, whereas the heirloom vegetables are the old-time variety. They are open-pollinated, which means you can save your own seed to replant from year to year and hand down the seeds through multiple generations of families. I found that interesting so I decided to do a little research on it.

Exceptional taste is the No. 1 reason why people choose heirloom seeds
I found that with hybrids, taste and nutrition have been sacrificed. Research has shown, hybrid vegetables and grains are substantially less nutritious. With commercial growers,


More Information

Difference Between Hybrid and Heirloom Vegetables - The Spruce

Master Gardener: FAQs about GMOs, hybrids and heirlooms

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

"Sway With Me"

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I am having a hard time concentrating on my work at hand today. I know
that it is only March 5th, but those summertime breezes are steadily
beckoning to me. The memories from summers past begin to taunt me
each time I turn back to work.

Trying hard to concentrate on the task at hand, I sense that I will not win ...“I can hear the sounds of violins long before it begins”. I find myself on the water and watch the seagulls take flight. Slowly, I begin to drift towards the song, “Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore”.

“When marimba rhythms start to play
Dance with me, make me sway
Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore
Hold me close, sway me more”

For just a moment, I stop on the water's edge to feel the tide settle in and a breeze roll across my face. The sun has begun its slow descent into the next starry night. The evening temp hovering near perfect. The song continues to play …