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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

As The Storm Clouds Gather: A Personal Story Part 2

4:45 pm. No Mom or Jennifer. Where were they? I was feeling somewhat better and got dinner for us. Then I stepped outside for just a moment. The neighbor lady was walking by and she told me that there was a Tornado Watch until 11 pm and to be sure to tell my Mother. “Okay” was all I said. The sky looked fine to me so I never gave it another thought.

8:50 pm. It was still pouring down rain very hard and the wind was blowing. Mom made a comment to me that the dog and cat were acting strange. I asked her what did she mean and she replied the dog seemed to be pacing and the cat was jumpy. My stomach ache was suddenly back again. I finished my homework. I told Mom I was sick and wanted to go to bed. Debbie had company over for the night, so she told me to go sleep in her bed and she would take the couch.

I was glad to finally be in bed. I then quickly reminded God of my prayers for everything to be normal by tomorrow morning. I glanced at the clock which said 9:15. I rolled over onto my stomach; I had no idea that in two hours, at 11:15 pm exactly, that same clock was going to come to a stop forever.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

As The Storm Clouds Gather: A Personal Story

As I began to awake I knew something was wrong. My Mother standing over me, trying to get me to move in a voice filled with fear. The telephone was ringing, the bedroom door stood ajar with a single light being cast down the long hallway from the Living room. I felt my youngest sister lying beside me and my body was suddenly hot and sweaty from her being so close to me as she slept. Jennifer Lynn. In all of her childhood moments she never let me get to far from her sight. That night was no different. I sat up and looked at my Mother and calmly said “Oh” as if I had been expecting it.

I sat in bed looking at the light coming down the hallway. Then I heard the next to the youngest sister’s feet hit the floor as she jumped down from the top bunk in her bedroom. Glancing quickly, I saw the rest of my sisters and one of their friends standing huddled in a corner. Back to the door my eyes went and in horror I watched as everything went into slow motion while my Mother was reaching for the door in a desperate attempt to keep it open until the last one of us was in the bedroom. But Tina never made it.

I watched her shadow in the hallway disappear just before the bedroom door was jerked from my Mother’s hands and slammed shut. The lights went out but the phone kept up its eerily ringing for a few seconds longer.  Then that fear of complete silence crept in as we all waited in the dark for it to come take us. A heavy stillness hung in the air.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

An Independent Review On Gold Medal Wine Club by RevueZzle

This independent revue was done by

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This week I decided to put Gold Medal Wine Club on the spotlight itself. I looked at many different reviews, (2014, 2015) where they were compared against other wine clubs. On average they were rated a 3 star out of the best top 5 and for the wine collectors they had an average rate of 2 out of 5.

Although these reviews were good overall, to me they were not defined enough and what kept standing out was the fact that they all said Gold Medal had very strict standards. So then, why were they rated a 3 average instead of a one or a two I kept asking myself? So, I went through all of the reviews again to find the common denominator. Price is what it came down to. All of the reviews said that compared to other wine clubs, that compared to other wine clubs, GM’s were higher.

Perhaps I am wrong, but I don’t think price should be in any part of a rating. I want to know about the wine. I can decide on what price I will pay. What I want is the rating on quality, their standards and consistency on those standards. How about special requests on hard to find wine? Are they flexible enough on delivery? What about customer service, do they excel? Is the website informative and user friendly? What about their guarantees?

So, I scrapped all of those reviews and instead looked for a good independent “stand alone” review and I wanted to get as current as I could. What follows is one of the most detailed I could find. In fact, so detailed, I did not include all of it, but you can find the full review at

Fall 2015

Gold Medal Wine Club Review

If you are on the hunt for those hard-to-find or highly rated wines, Gold Medal Wine Club is here to serve. As an independent wine club, they bring the most refined selections from boutique wineries around the globe to your door. With over six memberships and a PLUS add-on program, there is certainly a membership to suit everyone at Gold Medal Wine Club.
“Their specialty is award winning high quality wines from 
around the world.”

For More Information

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America's Leading Independent Wine Club since 1992
Celebrating 25 years
"The wines produced by these boutique wineries are
among the best in the world."