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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

As The Storm Clouds Gather: A Personal Story Part 2

4:45 pm. No Mom or Jennifer. Where were they? I was feeling somewhat better and got dinner for us. Then I stepped outside for just a moment. The neighbor lady was walking by and she told me that there was a Tornado Watch until 11 pm and to be sure to tell my Mother. “Okay” was all I said. The sky looked fine to me so I never gave it another thought.

8:50 pm. It was still pouring down rain very hard and the wind was blowing. Mom made a comment to me that the dog and cat were acting strange. I asked her what did she mean and she replied the dog seemed to be pacing and the cat was jumpy. My stomach ache was suddenly back again. I finished my homework. I told Mom I was sick and wanted to go to bed. Debbie had company over for the night, so she told me to go sleep in her bed and she would take the couch.

I was glad to finally be in bed. I then quickly reminded God of my prayers for everything to be normal by tomorrow morning. I glanced at the clock which said 9:15. I rolled over onto my stomach; I had no idea that in two hours, at 11:15 pm exactly, that same clock was going to come to a stop forever.

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