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Thursday, July 6, 2017

The River Of Life

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The last two generations that experienced the 
full set of the Harvey Traditions and was taught 
by the last Matriarch of the Harvey's, Desi Harvey. 

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Linda, Leona, Desi

Why is family tradition important?

It provides a source of identity. It is where you are from, your culture, your reasoning of who you and why. It's your source of your attitudes toward yourself and others.
It's your story ...

Sadly Sara, our family traditions have taken flight and insanity has set in. It’s a perfect example of when “Opinion rules, chaos follows”.

When just a few individuals inside a family becomes the only "priority", then the destruction of what is best for everyone begins. Let them go. Rise above their pettiness and their low expectations of you because you are much better than that. All of you are.

To All of my nieces, nephews and to my granddaughters - life is so much better outside the box. There is a world without the chaos that we have created for you. A place where peace reigns without the clutter, where the loud pounding noise of opinions disappear and fade off into the distance.

Walk away and leave the madness behind.

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Get back to the family traditions of old, where your destiny is not dictated to you and where what is best for all is the only rule that stands. Visit one another, pull together and let your children play among you. Love one another.

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Where the laughter in life flows is where the love flows.
It’s the River of Life.

Micky Gramlin

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